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Interactive Art Installation
“Could Isolation be Beautiful and Meaningful?”

Isotion can be a feeling in everyday mundane life and environment but can still enrich and furnish a person.


3D Arts

What it’s like to live in a gallery? Imagine a space that blurs the line between residential and gallery space.

Virtual Production, Short Film
“Where Do We Go When We Dream?”

This short film explores one of Sally’s dreams...

3D Arts
“Still Life”

This is a 3D rendering exercise based on the “still life with flowers,” oil painting by Felix Vallotton in 1925.

Interactive Interface
“Interactive Sound + Visual Player”

This interface allows each click and mouse to move to produce a unique sound and responding graphics. 

Virtual Production, Short Film
“Story of Tea N Ice”

This is a video that I created for Tik Tok for their internal career fair about a story that happens

when an alien discovers Tik Tok in the year 2099.

VR Experience
“Evolving Dreams”

This project uses VR to represent four spaces in my dream and documented how 4 players modify my dreams as a way to reflect the idea that our dreams are evolving subjects that we actively reconstruct.

Interactive Device, Physical Computing
“Photography through hearing?”  

Can a non-sighted person also express himself through photography? In this project, I used physical computing to create an interactive camera that allows photography to be triggered by sound and so it becomes free from our eyes.

“A Collection 12 Vintage Cans”

I discovered many vintage beer cans from the 70-80s in a thrift store, and I documented 12 of them in illustrations before these cans were forgotten. 


A series of drawing of everyday living space that inspireds me.


Music Video, Interactive Interface
“Urban Tempo”

This music video experiments with sound and visuals responding to the music. 

Interactive Interface
“Camera Filter”

This project is based on my paper discussing if humans and AI could be friends. I created a camera filter to explore that way how AI friends could see us from their perspective.

Interactive Interface
“Interactive Music Player”

This is an interactive interface that creates abstract visuals for music.


A series of polaroid photos that features flowers that I had during the pandemic.


This is an app that helps walkers users to navigate more easily and commute more safely.


“Blue Beam” won 1st place in iPhone Photography Awards (IPPA) in the abstract category.

A beam of sunlight shined on a swimming pool at 9:32 am, when I was visiting the house designed by Luis Barragán.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

“Take A Walk”

This is a photo zine for my sister and documents an everyday dog walking experience.

Location: Sunnyvale, California

Interior Design
“Social Incubator for Urban Nomads”

How can urban nomads have the flexibility to build a temporary home anywhere in the world while feeling integrated into a new community? This project intends to maximize social opportunities by blurring the private and public. 


Interior Design
“Fragmented Reality”

How visual boundaries could mislead our perception of physical boundaries? This project focuses on the study of materials that create different visual perceptions to generate the burring effect between the physical and virtual to evoke the pleasure of mind in everyday office.

Interior Design

This is a workspace project that borrows the concept of the cocoon as a home for people facing poverty and mental health issues. 

Interior Design
“See or Not See”

This cafe is a game program inserted into an everyday, traditional cafe for people with social anxieties to connect with strangers and reconnect with their acquaintances and friends with ease. 


Furniture Design
“Swing Chair”

Inspired by the swing, this chair has a flexible seat and backrest that respond to body movements and create a dynamic interaction with the users for them to relax and play.

Object Design
“Interactive Toothbrush Holder”

This is a 3D print interactive and playful holder for my toothbrush. 

Interior Design;  Material Study
“Copper Cafe”

This project experiments with copper forms to study the meaning of boundaries in interior design.


Interior Design;  Abstract Study
“The Celery”

This project studies the form of celery in the system and creates physical forms designed for the interior of Pratt studio.

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