Photography Through Hearing?

When many people take photography, they concentrate on the “seeing,” which is the visuals, including compositions, colors, lightings, and subjects. Although the representation of photography is through visuals, why is the process of creating photography only privileged to a sighted person as well? Can a non-sighted person also express himself through photography? Photography is about expressing emotions, so I believe emotions shouldn’t be only expressed through visuals - it could also be through other senses such as hearing, feeling, and smelling.

In this project, I used physical computing to create an interactive device that allows photography to be taken by the sound - when sound in the environment passes a certain threshold, it automatically activates the camera and allows it to take pictures with sound data stored. In this way, photography is triggered by sound and becomes free from our eyes.





You can also see the project & process published on NYU Makerspace: click here︎︎︎

#Interactive Design #Physical Computing #Arduino #Experimental Photography

Advanced Digital Media | NYU
Instructor: Camila Morales, Timothy O’Keefe