Interactive Art Installation

“Could Isolation Be Beautiful and Meaningful? is a photographic installation that places viewers in curtained seclusion to ponder images taken around the world over the course of the pandemic, in an effort to reconstruct and reimagine memory.” (IDM 2022 Show︎︎︎)

Interactive Filter

The experimental project derived from my media and theory research paper discussing whether humans and AI could be friends and how possibly we are represented by AI’s eye.

Interactive Device;
Experimental Photography

Although the representation of photography is through visuals, why is the process of creating photography only privileged to a sighted person as well? Can a non-sighted person also express himself through photography?

In this project, I used physical computing to create an interactive device that allows photography to be taken by the sound - when sound in the environment passes a certain threshold, it automatically activates the camera and allows it to take pictures with sound data stored. In this way, photography is triggered by sound and becomes free from our eyes.

Interactive Device;
Experimental Film & Sound

This music video experiments with sound and visuals responding to the music.

Interactive Interface

This interface allows each click and mouse to move to produce a unique sound and responding graphics.

Social VR Experience 

This project uses VR to represent four spaces in my dream and documented how 4 players modify my dreams as a way to reflect the idea that our dreams are evolving subjects that we actively reconstruct.